StoryFile has developed the ability for us all to talk to videos.

Our patents include the 'Natural Conversation Storytelling system' and 'Artificially Intelligent Interactive Memory System' which allow individuals to interview family members or corporations to produce interactive content to support their business.

The cloud based automated system takes care of everything - question generation, capture, transcription, translation, natural language processing, publishing, distribution, and end user engagement. You just need to think about what to say. Our technology takes care of everything else.

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Conversa™ is our platform.

Patented tech for business, education and creative solutions.

StoryFile has patented technology to enable you to create and develop conversational video to help you run your business, develop your education program, develop your archive, share content on your website, embed it in your app, or display your interviews in a museum.

The entire StoryFile technology program runs through Conversa™ the world's first conversational video platform which collects hi-fidelity video and streams it to consumers and holographic theaters alike.

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We are trying to make AI more Human; to bring out the best in people.

Andrew JonesCTO