Solutions for Exhibits

Our Exhibit software Conversa provides multiple ways to create and display high-fidelity conversational video interactive installations.

Imagine if you could talk with survivors of 9/11 face-to-face.

We create immersive conversational video that can be used with high fidelity screens, holography, VR, AR for:

  • Museums
  • Visitor Centers
  • Exhibitions
  • Cultural Institutions

Installation expertise is available.

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Human Interactions = Value Added


  • Traditional video is linear and not interactive.
  • Knowledge is acquired by asking questions.
  • One-way video experiences lack learning opportunities.

  • Conversational video response to questions.
  • Two-way interactive video deepens learning.
  • Easily create, communicate, and consume interactive StoryFile content online.

Museum Applications

Hi-Fidelity Conversational Video Interactive Installations

Historical Recreations

We create the most authentic Digital Recreations in the field and the only Digital Recreations that are Conversational with the public.

Holographic Display

StoryFiles can be created for use in VR, AR, NFT’s, and for any Holographic projection system.

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StoryFiles can be installed in most any Exhibition or Space and can be easily incorporated into existing Exhibitions.


We Develop Hi-Fidelity Interactive Conversational Video Experiences

Immersive StoryFile Experiences

Videos that talk back