Conversational Video Explained

When you create a StoryFile, you’ll video record yourself answering all the questions anyone would ever want to ask you. That way when people talk to your StoryFile, it will respond with the best possible answer to any question they ask. It’s almost like you’re a celebrity being interviewed –you get to explore your life. You can even ask your loved ones to help!

We’ll save and upload your video answers to our secure cloud, preserving your story for all time. The final product will be an interactive video of you, ready to answer questions from your loved ones, just like they’re having a normal conversation.

You’ll be able to use our platform to archive your memories and create a living memory album–all accessible through simple human conversation.

You can talk to a StoryFile the way you would talk to a real person–our system is prepared for the wide variety of ways human beings engage in conversation.

Even if your question is phrased differently every time, our system will find the most relevant answer. Future generations will know what it’s like to talk to you. They’ll discover the story of your life, with you as their guide!